Why are you with your current brokerage? Is it because you knew someone there? They have the lowest fees? The brand was alluring? They give you lead sources and/or great commission splits? Let me show you why I chose eXp Realty, and why you should consider it too!

5 Main Reasons eXp Realty is worth looking at

1. eXp Realty and Passive Income Growth

eXp’s Revenue Share Program is a model that allows passive income that is a Retirement Plan that other Brokerages just don’t have.

2. eXp Realty Commission Structure/Fees

No desk fees. No Royalty fees. No franchise fees.

3. eXp Realty Stock Rewards

Get a discount on stock with each close. Earn your $16,000 cap back in company stock.


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4. eXp Offers Health Insurance

eXp offers their agents an affordable health insurance option.

5. Innovation

eXp Realty’s cutting edge technology is transforming real estate.

Videos of why you should join exp

eXp Explained in 9 Minutes


eXp Explained by Kyle Whissel


Learn About eXp

The Model Explained


eXp Explained by Tina Caul


One Brokerage, Not a Franchise

eXp Realty is one company with a singular vision. The days of each office being independently owned and operated are going to have to take notice. From one location to the next, you never know what you’re going to get.  

How does eXp compare to other brokerages?

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