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eXp Realty Technology Explained

The agent-centric brokerage is designed to help agents be more productive, so it includes high-quality technology for education, support, online connection, completing paperwork, and much more.

Each platform has multiple benefits and uses, which we’ll get into below.

  • 1. eXp Enterprise
  • 2. eXp World
  • 3. Skyslope
  • 4. eXp Workplace
  • 5. kvCORE
  • 6. Success Lending
  • 7. Utility Connect
  • 8. eXp 360 Tours
  •  eXp Technology 

1. eXp Enterprise

eXp Enterprise is the official eXp “hub” or “dashboard.” Basically, anything you need from eXp can be found here. You’ll get access to your marketing collateral so you can design appropriate marketing materials for your use. You can track your production and find detailed information on your stock awards. You can also monitor your entire business on Enterprise.

eXp Enterprise slide

2. eXp World

eXp World is the virtual office space of eXp. It’s where you are able to connect to all the agents and brokers who work with eXp, just like you would if you were in a physical office with them. When you log into eXp World, you can chat with your broker, find technical support from dedicated technical specialists, and engage with live training opportunities. 

If you’re concerned about the lack of face-to-face interactions in an online brokerage, you should spend a lot of time in eXp World. You can talk to agents from around the world, since eXp now operates in many countries. You can also find live access to anyone you need and all the training you could desire.

eXp World Provides Agents with the Freedom To Build A Real Estate Business From Anywhere

This innovative designed cloud-based environment has been created to increase productivity and an agent’s bottom line while also fostering a culture of inclusion, support, collaboration, and mutual success. The company invests heavily in technology in order to ensure that its agents can spend the bulk of their time doing activities that enhance their business rather than wasting valuable energy and resources on logistical efforts.

eXp World Is eXp’s Virtual Campus Where Agents and Staff Interact

Through eXp Realty’s one-of-a-kind virtual campus called eXp World, real estate agents can say goodbye to unneccessary commutes or waiting for a colleague to become available to collaborate. With thousands of agents in the United States and Canada, there are always hundreds of agents, brokers or eXp staff online to answer any questions.

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Every eXp agent gets to create their own avatar, and when they log into eXp World via their computer, they can visit a variety of support services, training events or meetings. If an agent needs help with eXp technology, they can walk over to the Tech Support building, take a virtual ticket and be transported to someone who can help them.

Through eXp World, an agent also gains access to the company’s educational training that features more than 40 hours of live instruction every week. 

“Our virtual reality campus gives agents tremendous access to comprehensive training, networking, brokerage operations, and technical support when, where, and how they need it.”

John Tobison, eXp World Holdings’ Chief Information Officer

It’s a resource that’s currently unmatched in the industry. “The experience of working in eXp World is better in important ways when compared to other forms of remote work or online collaboration,” according to Tobison. “Even though you are walking around as an avatar, the sense of community and place makes remote work feel much less isolating.”

Agent Avatars Can Be Customized

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It’s surprisingly fun, too. Agents and employees have many options when it comes to personalizing their avatar — everything from skin color to seasonal clothing can be customized. They are able to change their outfits daily if they choose, just like a traditional office worker would.

Even more exciting is the environment participants can choose to interact in. Of course, there are traditional office spaces and a campus with looming skyscrapers and billboards with company announcements. But, when agents want to relax — even virtually — they can take a walk on the beach, kick a ball around a soccer field or hop in a powerboat to skim the waves at high speeds.

3. Skyslope

Skyslope is a top-notch real estate technology company that will help you keep track of ALL your documentation needs. You’ll submit all your transaction documents to eXp through this platform. This is also the best place to manage real estate transactions and get digital signatures on your documents. You’ll find all kinds of real estate contract and addendum templates too, if you aren’t sure how to design them.

Working with documents can be a challenge when you’re a real estate agent, especially if working without a physical office. Skyslope is easy to use and keeps everything in one place with convenient access for you and your clients. 

4. eXp Workplace

eXp Workplace is designed by Facebook’s Business Solution as a convenient online platform you can use to connect with eXp agents in a more casual space. You can build relationships with agents from around the world and search out training on ANY topic you want to learn about. It is also a place where you can share referral needs.

eXp Community Platform on Workplace

5. kvCORE

kvCORE is a premier real estate CRM. With eXp Realty, you have access to all of kvCORE’s benefits, including:

  • Creating landing pages designed specifically for you.
  • Creating squeeze pages (a single page with an email contact form) to gain more customers.
  • Managing contacts.
  • Sending emails to all your contacts on an automated basis.
  • Sending texts to your contacts when and how you choose. 

It’s essential to build a strong marketing strategy to succeed in real estate. But it can be difficult to know where to start, especially if you’re not great with technology. The kvCORE CRM has high-end technology that makes it easy and quick to build a contact list and start capturing leads!

6. Success Lending

Success lending is an affiliated lending company owned by eXp Realty. With the Success Lending platform, you can help clients connect and get instant approval for a loan.. Success Lending is a fast and easy way to help your clients get the loans they need to move forward with their purchases. 

7. Utility Connect

With Utility Connect, you can set up a website personalized to your brand that helps clients connect with utility services in their new homes that will, in effect, save them time and money. You can design and customize your website to your heart’s content and let clients choose utility options without leaving your brand. 

Utility Connect provides a concierge to help your clients find the right utilities so you don’t have to do it yourself. This website offers a streamlined, seamless approach to finding the services they need in their new home. 

8. eXp 360 Tours

eXp Realty offers a virtual tour service called 360 Tours. You can create tours and stunning floor plans in just minutes, then guide your clients on a virtual tour with video chat integration so they can ask you questions on the spot. The high-tech touring option is loved by clients everywhere. 

These days, when everything is going virtual and people are busy, it can be hard to connect for in-person tours. Yet clients still want the chance to ask questions and see their home in detail before they buy. eXp 360 Tours is the perfect solution, and though it does come with a small extra fee, it’s completely worth it for those days you need to show up online. 

 eXp Technology 

There are so many benefits to using the technology eXp Realty provides. Most of it (excluding 360 Tours) comes with your monthly fee and is available to you 24/7. 

Use eXp Realty technology to create a strong virtual presence, develop comprehensive marketing strategies, find trainings, or use it to connect with other agents.