For 22 years I spent my time teaching second graders and dedicated myself to the same school district. With a master’s degree I was at the top of the pay scale.  I loved working with the kids and my colleagues.  However, things were changing in education.  Teaching was becoming robotic and my creative ideas were no longer permitted.  Then the pandemic happened and I decided to get my Wisconsin real estate license.   I was going through a divorce and needed to sell my own house.  Initially I wanted my real estate license just to sell my own house but quickly learned that with my prior ability to create relationships, work hard, and help others would benefit me in this career too.   I quickly learned that I enjoy real estate and helping adults just as much as teaching.   I stayed teaching in 2021 while doing real estate on the side.  I closed 9 transactions, including my own property.  I had researched and met with many real estate brokers before deciding on eXp, but I decided eXp Realty’s business model was one that would allow me to go big or go home. Initially at sign up I was going to join a team, but after seeing the split would then be like 50/50 I decided to use their mentor program and do the 3 transactions at 70/30 and then be at an 80/20 split until capping.  In 2022 I took a sabbatical from teaching  that allowed me to focus on real estate full time for the year to make sure it was something I could do as a single mom of four.  I did cap in the first 6 months, which at eXp realty means that I had paid in $16,000 to them from my transactions and could then collect 100% of my commissions.  Of course, I then had 3 dry months with no income as I worked on getting my Florida Real Estate License.   I ended the year with real estate licenses in Wisconsin and Florida and closed 25  transactions!  This was my first full year of real estate.  Every year my reset date is in September.  I am now in my third year of real estate and my goal this year is to ICON.  At eXp Realty, that means I get my $16,000 back in company stock. My second goal this year is to build a team of like minded agents that want to be in a cloud based real estate company with me (for no extra fees).  I want to help agents go big!  I will have a building in Muskego starting this Summer where we can work, meet with clients. and have closings. My third goal this year is to really develop my niche of helping people find their second home or an investment vacation property in a sunny location.  Right now my focus is in Florida but I am looking to expand to Colorado, Arizona. Colorado, Texas… anywhere sunny.  My website is and I am looking for partner agents that can be experts for locations that snowbirds should go.  Is that partner agent you?